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A Prayer for Peace of Mind

I have honestly always been embarrassed to tell anyone of my anxiety but I thank you all for making me feel not alone! Please disregard the very very long comment I just submitted today. I happened upon this website by accident and I read through a few of the posts and responded to them rather quickly. I responded without reading what you were asking people to submit at the the top of the page: When has the Lord helped you overcome worry? How did it turn out.

Thank you! I have been worrying for quite some time. My husband and I recently reconciled after being separated for 6 months. He then left for work for 2 months and we rekindled and had a nice anniversary this past weekend.

He is now at a bachelor party in Miami and I am freaking out with worry. He told me not to worry but I did the most horrible thing. We are both very insecure because of the separation. I need him now to fix this situation and to allow me to turn to him during this time, trusting that God will bring my husband home and that we will get past this argument. As of right now, my husband is back to not speaking to me. Please Lord God be with him, protect him and watch over him.

And Lord please allow me to repent to you for not turning to you this past weekend as much as I should have. I feel horrible.

Surrendering Our Stress : Prayers to Calm the Soul and Strengthen the Spirit

Please Lord help save this marriage. Please allow me to trust in you and not lean on my own understanding. Please ease my worry. Please allow my husband and I to get back on solid ground before he comes home. I want him to have a nice time and not blame me for things while he is gone. Please be with us. Please allow this forgiveness. Please father. It is am and after not being able to sleep due to great anxiety and fear over everything that seems to come to mind I arose and came out to my couch and opened my bible and began reading the bible and prayed that The Lord would deliver me from my anxiety, worry, and fear that I deal with daily and now has come to a point where it effects every part of my day and my health.

I think I am and pray and ask God to help me trust Him more but I am still struggling. I believe there is power in prayer so I ask for your prayer that I may overcome this thru Jesus Christ who gives me strength.

Prayers for Healing

I want to be free from this once and for all. Thank you for your words above and the scripture and references that I can meditate on. I know I am not alone in this and pray for all who struggle daily with the same thing and pray they will be set free from this terrible sickness. God bless!

Thank you for the verses!!! This site is amazing!! So glad i came across it. I too now suffer from fear anxiety, and panic attacks. And since that day, i have been scared to drive because the fear of having another one while driving alone. Everytime i hear someone die, it puts fear in me too. I feel fear and anxiety comes from the enemy, and if he knows you are afraid of something, he will keep it in you mind and conscious. But prayer and faith in God brings us through. I dont do half the things i use to do anymore like clubbing all the time, dating multiple guys, etc..

Or have the same friends like i use to. I just feel like God is working on me and testing my faith.. And i believe him. This too shall pass. About September of this year I was about 19 weeks pregnant,is when this panic attack occured and has caused ongoing constant anxiety, my fifth pregnancy. I have a daughter Clara to turn 3 on the 21 of December, she is my only child I have. My very first I had back in , we gave him up for adoption as it seemed the best option at that time. Then in Jan.

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Got pregnant shortly after she passed but miscarried at 12 weeks. It started at 19 weeks pregnant and I took a cymbalta and it caused me to have a panic attack, before the pregnancy was on zoloft did fine with it So they tried that again did same panic attack, then recently because of the constant ongoing anxiety they tried lexapro and same panic attack with suicidal thoughts.

I pray every night for the Lord to take this anxiety away, but I am so afraid of something going wrong with this labor as the last one I almost died due to blood loss, or something wrong with this baby, and I am sure there is a lot more on my mind. I have not taken medication since the lexapro, but I am afraid I might need something I am just so scared please help!

Since have had constant anxiety so recently they stuck me on lexapro did same thing with suicidal thought. I have preaey. Thank you all for these verses.

7 Psalms to Help Calm Anxiety

Nancy, I thought I was the only one who felt that way during the evening hours, I do have my sister who helps me out during these difficult times. My faith has had its ups and downs, when I was growing up I was very active in church with my family, until their faith took a turn and we stopped going to church or worshiping and might not have let the best lives we could. I still continued going to church with friends of mine from school, but I changed a lot in my teenage years and felt a lot of rebellion and anger inside me caused by people who hurt me at a young age.

I was in a dark place for a teenager and after a few years, I came out of it. After I went through high school, started working, and started taking care of myself for the most part, I definitely felt better but my anxiety came back with failed relationships and friendships. Now, 2 years later, I have still struggled with internal stress and fear every day.

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I am a sensitive girl who lets everything and everyone get to her. I have felt really alone, between my psychical health as well as my emotional health. I try hard every day to keep my faith and to be there for others. I have a nurturing, mothering sense and I love to take care of my nephew and watch him grow and learn.

He is 2 and a half and some of the best times the past few years were with him. I find that he calms me down so much, even though he is a crazy little guy, and he makes me happy when I am having those days where I am feeling really lonely and lost. His innocence and his smile just help to remind me what beauty God created, and then I remember that I have to just keep going. I always want to take care of and help everyone so that they are happy, that sometimes I forget to do that for myself, which is why I find myself with anxiety and sadness a lot, but lately I have remembered more that God is there for me no matter what.

My grandma is the exception she is a wonderful christian and has such a big heart for everyone.

Prayer To Overcome Fear - Prayer For Fear and Anxiety

We have a great relationship and I am so thankful for that. Writing and photography were too things that always stuck with me as a hobby but also much more than that. They are ways for me to express how I feel and how to capture my thoughts and the world around me. The beauty of humans and animals and nature, with all of their pieces and parts and organs…its just amazing and another way that my faith keeps growing during dark times.

Thank you for this website Jennifer. My anxiety has been for many years and is frequently about my children who are adults. My son is now 42 and my daughter is Training brainwaves into efficient patterns allows the central nervous system to learn how to self-regulate, directing it away from debilitating, painful, destructive disorders into effortless processing and optimal functionality.

Surrendering Our Stress: Prayers to Calm the Soul & Strengthen the Spirit

So, I had my brain mapped in a painless 12 minute procedure and then had the first treatment which was 30 minutes. I plan to return because it was helpful. Last night I slept soundly for the first time in years and woke up refreshed. Tonight the anxiety came over me again and I found your website.

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It has helped me so much to feel included in your community and to be comforted by your words and the word of God. Thank you so much. God has shown me that He is bigger than anything, and in many ways, I feel like suffering with anxiety in the past has helped me trust Him even more in the present, since whenever I even start to feel nervous, I know where to turn.