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There's a resurgence of interest in Robin Hood at the moment, no doubt in part due to the release of Ridley Scott's movie. Boys of my parents' generation saw Robin Hood as someone to be looked up to.

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Boys of my generation, however, less so. But is Robin Hood a good role model for the 21st Century?

‘Robin Hood’ Director Otto Bathurst on Bringing the Story Into the 21st Century

Let's take just a few of the characteristics he's known for. There's the fact that he's an outlaw, he fights against the "evil" Sheriff of Nottingham and the reign of King John, and his famous mission to steal from the rich and give to the poor. Those characteristics describe a man who is willing to stand up for what he believes to be right, even if it takes him outside the bounds of normal society. I would not advocate undertaking any criminal action, but the determination to stand up for what you believe is something I want my children to take on board.

Sure, I'll also teach them to re-examine their beliefs in the light of new information and evidence, but it's important to be willing to stand up for what they know to be right, even if there are consequences to that.

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This is all about strength of character. If we're to believe the legend, both King John and the Sheriff are evil and corrupt in their governance of the realm.

Robin stands up against that. The cynical view of Robin Hood's mission is that he was better able to hide in Sherwood Forest by keeping the locals sweet with a bit of cash every now and again. More romantically, he wanted to redistribute the wealth of the kingdom after seeing how people were unable to cope with excessive taxation.

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The concept of equality and fairness is highly valued in today's society, and is, again, something I want to encourage in my children. I wouldn't necessarily encourage them to go out and pilfer from a mansion to give something to a poorer person, but I'd certainly encourage them to seek fairness in everything they do.

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A modern-day take on the classic Robin Hood legend, where the bold outlaw steals medical supplies and gives them to those in need. We all know the story of Robin Hood. Personally, my introduction was from the classic Disney animated movie.

Is Robin Hood a decent modern role model?

Most of us have seen the Kevin Costner or Russell Crowe versions as well, but I realized that I have never seen an updated version: a modern-day Robin Hood, where he doesn't exactly "rob from the rich to give to the poor," as the saying goes, but he instead steals medical supplies and gives them to those in need, or those who can't afford them or have no health insurance. I am sure a lot of people can identify with how expensive health care is in the U. But don't be fooled, it's also a straight-up adventure comic that, hopefully, captures the spirit of the Robin of old.

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