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Born to Reign Lyrics

God created man from the very start to have dominion and rule on the earth. Man has become a slave of circumstances in life today, and no longer a master.

But Grace came to bring about a definite change. The scripture above says grace has made you a victor in life. You have been born to reign every day. This is not in reference to the life to come but this present evil world.

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There will be no enemy to overcome in heaven. Victory and dominion are exercised here and now. Grace puts you in a position of authority and victory over sin, disease, fear, demonic oppression, poverty, anxiety, etc. You have been created to reign in life because Christ paid the prize for to have the victory every day. Take a moment to ponder upon the scripture above. First, see the reality of a life of victory because of grace. Then see that it is also your reality as a believer.

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Ask the Spirit to assist you today and strengthen your heart in faith to stand and overcome the circumstances that you will find yourself in. Shift your thinking from that of a victim to that of a victor. They do not feel sorry for themselves. They change the circumstances by the power of God. Stick to the Word, exercise your faith and take a stand until the circumstance bows. It must bow to grace, which works through faith. We will go home so that we will go and vote. Make sure that this month you vote. Vote according to how God leads you. You are children of God, as many as are led by the Spirit of God they are the children of God.

Vote as you are led by God not led by any man and I am sure the Almighty God is going to give us a peaceful election in Jesus name! Tonight we have a special Holy Ghost Service indeed. As a matter of fact since the Holy Ghost Services began there had never been a night like tonight. By the time we finish in the morning you will understand what I am taking about. The Bible is very clear about what proceeds out of your mouth, The Bible says death and life are in the power of the tongue.

The Bible says whatsoever you say is what you are going to have. I am born to reign! I am not born to be a servant. Tell the fellow sitting next to you, "You are sitting next to royalty! Every child that is born into a home where he or she could be raised in the fear of the Lord, is a child that is born to reign.

They are going to hear about you, they are going to hear about your children, they are going to hear about you for good! It said you shall be above only and you will never be beneath. Please open your mouth and say, I shall be the head, I will not be the tail! I will be above only, I will never be beneath! What you say is so important because as you say it the heavens will be hearing.

I was a scholar in the primary school and I have a friend, not a native of my town but came there to live and everyday himself and the uncle they were always quarrelling because he will not go to school. And one day when the uncle was beating him he said, "Stop beating me!

Stop beating me!

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  6. I refuse to be a truck pusher! I will be the head! I will not be the tail! I will be above only! I will never be beneath I am born to reign! I shall reign and so shall it be in Jesus name!

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    It is the ones who are under who struggle it those who are under who are pressed. I refuse to be a servant. I will not be a borrower! You see something in that statement: Those who are heavy laden are those who labour.

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    There is a difference between working and labouring. Hard work is a good, working hard is a pleasure. There is nothing wrong with hard work at all. I decree in the mighty name of Jesus your days of labouring are over! To reign is to work hard and be rewarded hard. To reign means as you are working you are being rewarded. I mean, we all have 24hrs in one day. We all work throughout the day for example, and at the end of the day some go home without enough even to eat. From today you will belong to the category of those who have surplus! Hard working people who are rewarded for working hard.

    They always find themselves among those who are born to reign. How many people are born to reign here? Very soon you will be eating with Presidents. Now to reign means nothing is pressing you down. If you are above, then there is nothing above you.

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    Anyone who is born to reign supernaturally, born to reign according to the decree of Almighty God, sickness and disease will not press you down. Because you are born to reign sickness and disease have no right over you! If you are born to reign, if you are above not beneath there is no reason why you should be groaning under debt - not at all!

    Every one of you here tonight who are still struggling under a load of debt, in the mighty name of Jesus, before May you will have testimony! If you are born to reign, enemies should no longer press you down. As a matter of fact the enemies are to be under your feet. If you are the king and somebody says he does not like you he has to do one of two things - either he will leave the town for you or he will come and bow down to you.

    Beginning from today, every enemy will either bow down to you or they will get out of your way in Jesus name! So shall it be in Jesus name! The word of a king is a decree.

    "Born To Reign" lyrics

    Because you are born to reign, from today you will command every weapon formed against you not to prosper in Jesus name! Because you are born to reign you will sit down and enjoy in the presence of your enemy. It takes a king to sit down and enjoy while the enemies are grumbling. From now in the mighty name of Jesus Christ you shall enjoy in peace!