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Too fast. Too impatient. Too generalized. And too unrealistic. It's the same approach I've used to coach hundreds of overweight people to better health and more happiness. But it all starts with believing one simple truth that's starting to feel more like myth than reality: Y ou can transform your body. I've worked with clients who have lost to pounds. And most of the time, it happens over the course of three to five years, not three to five episodes on a television show. At least, that's the case for those who successfully keep the weight off.

This is an especially important point, because some research and recent media coverage is twisted to suggest that long-term weight loss is hopeless. While many people do, in fact, regain lost weight, it's not because dropping fat is "mission impossible. First, some bad news: All nutritional approaches or diet plans stop "working" at some point. Weight loss stops. You don't see changes, and you believe that either you or the plan are no longer functioning. We know that as you lose weight, your metabolism tends to slow down --although it's not absolute. This research reviewed 71 studies and didn't find a significant drop in metabolism.


We also know that if you're patient about it say, focus on losing one to two pounds per week at most , then you're more likely to keep it off for good. But most people quit before significant weight loss occurs. It usually looks something like this:. The thing is, steps two and three stalled progress are often an important part of the weight-loss process. Dropping one to two pounds per week is considered healthy, but it's also the average.

That means you might lose four pounds one week and zero the next. On those weeks, when the scale doesn't change, it's not necessarily a sign that your body has reached its weight-loss limit. To put it another way, your plateau is a normal and necessary part of the process.

You must stall in order to move forward again. And when you understand why--or more importantly, accept this reality--it changes everything. Your body does not like change. I don't care who you are; it's very resistant to anything that takes it out of its comfort zone a. When that change occurs--specifically when you try to lose weight--your body does everything in its power to get you "back to normal. If more people understood that stagnation is an expected and natural part of the weight-loss process, then they wouldn't quit prematurely.

If you ask me, set-point theory is the reason why so many people fail on long-term weight-loss goals.

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If more people understood that stagnation is an expected and natural part of the process, then they wouldn't quit prematurely. I couldn't believe what I was hearing! I know this stuff!! This is the same type of thing I wrote about in my book!! I quickly realized I had, unknowingly, used many principals of the Law of Attraction before, during and after I lost weight and was even inspired to write a book about it!

That's when I knew I had to publish this book! I'm a 47 year old middle class working wife and mother of two. I Finally Understand! I was inspired to publish the book after a series of events gave me the faith to do so. I've worked in the Information Technology field for over 20 years. I enjoy visiting the beautiful beaches and wineries of Southwestern Michigan, watching Notre Dame football and spending time with family and friends.

I never eliminated any food groups completely like, fruit. And I never bought any prepared foods. I like this article and my heart goes out to everyone struggling with obesity. I think the comments demonstrate that no one method works for everyone. Because of both mental and physical genetic variation we must find the way that works for us.

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Clearly physical activity and essential nutrients are play a huge role in health and weight loss. How you accomplish these goals can be done in may ways. Thanks for sharing this info. Good and educative article. We must discipline ourselves otherwise we commit suicide. We are killing ourselves through our eating habits and lifestyles. Thanks for demonstrating to us that nothing is impossible with discipline. This formula has less financial implications — yet it reduces expenditures on foodstuffs.

Thank you so much for this beautiful article.. Lately I have found it difficult to lose the pounds because I mess up my diet plans and think it wont work , so I give up.. Thank you. Sorry, I should have read those articles on carbohydrate in full first before I got on my soap box. Yes, cut down refined flour but only because it lacks fibre and micronutrients such as folate. Consume less than you burn, you lose it. I will say the report above does note a casual link between sugary drinks and type 2 diabetes but, as they suggest, more research is needed.

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Soda raises blood sugar no faster than a banana glycaemic index. Also, why not confectionary too? Food is information regarding of the numbers.

3 things I wish I knew before I started my weight loss journey (tips that actually work)

Calories in vs Calories out will have an very different outcome in someone who consumes a healthy mainly plant based diet than someone who just eats junk. We are much more complex than that type of old school thinking. They might be part of one but sure as hell do not compriseone. The author never wrote she stayed away from carbs but simply stated what worked for her by staying away from sugar and flour. Many people have been successful at eliminating anti-inflammatory foods in their weight loss efforts. You are not right and she is not wrong.

We are all different.

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I started my journey just about 1 year ago to the day and have lost 42 lbs. The hard part will be keeping it off. I used the same ideas as the author and will tell you they work.

Be kind to yourself and forgive yourself if you slip up. Log your food and by all means do your exercise.