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Orchestra comes to industrial outer suburbs

How do I reset the ? How can I stream the to RTI? How can I stream the to AMX? Will the connect via wireless link to the NVR-4? How to I make my link?

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  4. Carina tells Wenjie that Alixia has a boyfriend in Taiwan. She then goes to a karaoke lounge with him and Chengye. When Yiwei lashes out at Chengye for skipping class, Chengye questions him about the trip to Thailand. Chufan tells the four trainees that the one who sings his Write A Song For You best will be given a contract with Crescendo. Yiwei is about to leave for Thailand with Xinyi when he learns Yafang has fainted. He rushes home and discovers Chengye had lied to test his feelings for Yafang. Xinyi attempts suicide in Thailand and is saved by Wenjie.

    He consoles her and shares that, like her, the one he loves is with somebody else. Yiwei tells Wenjie to bring Xinyi back to Singapore right away. Wenjie decides to give Alixia up, as he does not want to turn out like Xinyi.

    Sorry for the Inconvenience

    Jianwei suspects Chengye has tampered with his guitar. Meiqi is picked for the contract with Crescendo. Irene knows Meiqi was the one who had tampered with the guitar. Instead of exposing her, Irene praises her. Irene learns Shixin has pictures of Xueli and Chufan, as well as pictures of Xinyi taking drugs. She calls on Hongying and convinces Shixin not to release the photographs.

    She knows Shixin merely wants to avenge his brother, Hongying. Carina shoots to stardom with the commercial and becomes hotly sought after. Yiwei is keen to sign her on, but learns she is negotiating a contract with a movie company. To his surprise, her father, Richard Danny Yeo , announces that she will sign the contract with Crescendo after all. Yafang is pleased when Yiwei gives her a CD of songs from her first album. She confronts Xueli and sneers at her for trying to get a rich husband.

    When Chufan defends Xueli, Monica accuses her of being a two-timer. Dawei finds out more from Wenjie and makes it clear to Monica that Xueli is the only woman he will ever marry.

    Crescendo to Deneumont! - City Opera Thrift Shop

    He is sad when Xueli tells him to stop pestering her. Disturbed by the recording, Xinyi plots to die with Yiwei. She lures him to her house and spikes the wine. Xinyi consumes a large number of sleeping pills with red wine and forces Yiwei to swallow some too. The police turn up in time to save them. Shixin snaps pictures of Xinyi being carried out from the house. Irene grabs the chance to sow discord. Yiwei vows to prove to him that the reports are not true.

    The incident prompts sponsors to pull out of Crescendo projects. Irene instigates Chufan and Dawei to oust Yiwei from the company. Refusing to resign, he insists he is not on drugs. Dawei is hoping to confide in Xueli, but she avoids him. He is disheartened when he sees her chatting happily with Chufan over dinner. Chufan is angry that Dawei is mistaken about his relationship with Xueli. He finally understands how the maligned Yiwei feels.

    Terminal Crescendo

    Yiwei agrees to resign, but Chufan objects. Yiwei calls for a press conference to clarify his relationship with Xinyi, as well as the drug incident. Yiwei admits he was careless with regard to that matter and apologises.

    With a jazzy fanfare, New Orleans’ new airport terminal is open for business

    When Shixin asks why Yiwei did not resign, Chufan and Dawei speak up for their partner. Irene tells Chufan she is trying hard to stop her company from withdrawing its investment. He stays up to write songs for Carina and forces himself to entertain sponsors and their families.

    Chengye feels sorry for her, and blames Yiwei for causing the crisis. Yiwei feels worse when he learns Xinyi may remain in a vegetative state forever.

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    Irene continues to stir up dissension, and makes Richard hate Yiwei even more. He forces Carina to annul her contract with Crescendo.

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    Wenjie is well aware Carina does not want to leave the company. Yiwei has no choice but to announce that he has decided to resign as CEO of Crescendo, in the hope of dissipating the bad publicity. Shixin is not satisfied with the resignation. He asserts that Yiwei should give up his shares in the company as well.

    crescendo Manual

    Annoyed, Dawei and Chufan warn that they can sue Shixin for libel. Irene pretends to distract the reporters. Chufan is impressed. Yiwei returns home and feels consoled when Yafang assures him that his talent will be appreciated elsewhere. Irene becomes the new CEO. She reports to Wei Nian, who is impressed that she has been able to throw Yiwei out so quickly.